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Skin Care Tips

Full Fall Skincare Routines For Each Skin Type

Full Fall Skincare Routines For Each Skin Type

Just as you’ve finally got the perfect summertime skincare routine going, the cool, dry air - indicating the beginning of fall - sets in and alters the equilibrium of your skin. No need to throw the whole routine out to start from scratch, it’s just time to make a few adjustments to your core items. Following a routine based on your skin type will provide optimal results to tame the most frustrating aspects of its natural condition whether it be overly dry, oily, or sensitive. To help, the mock routines below (all of which include a growth factor, vitamin C, eye cream, retinol, cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen) will point you in the right direction for choosing the fall skincare for your skin type.  

Normal to Dry

Arguably the most affected by the colder seasons, the potential for cracked, rough, flaky, and crepe-like skin texture not only looks unflattering but is also painful at times, too. Retaining the much-needed moisture that or skin produces is essential for avoiding overly dry skin. For drier skin types, it is important to keep the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) in good condition by avoiding acidic-based ingredients. Swap your cleanser for a cream one without many surfactants and apply serums that create a barrier between your skin and the leeching, dry air.


Normal to Oily

For normal to oily skin types, it is typically a relief when the weather starts to cool off. Cooler weather usually means less oil production, so you can focus on anti-aging, pigmentation, or any other skin concerns (including the constants – oil production and acne). Even though you’re no longer lazing by the pool, sunscreen is still a must and going with a mattifying cream will easily keep the slickness at bay. Using an AHA/BHA cleanser will cut the oiliness and most of the products within the routine are great for all skin types.

Rosacea & Sensitive

Thankfully, the majority of medical-grade products cater to sensitive skin types and contain little to no irritating ingredients like alcohol, fragrances, dyes, acids, and other barrier-stripping ingredients. An interesting tip to follow is if the product’s directions indicate to use 1-3 days per week, its best to steer clear and choose a skincare product that is safe to use daily.



When in doubt of which skin type routine to follow this combination routine will provide the basic foundation for creating an effective and easy to follow morning and night regimen. Finding balance between having an overly oily appearance or an overly dry appearance is the biggest concern. All the skincare within the combination routine actively prevent breakouts and do not strip the skin of its hydration.

Excessively Oily

Finding good antiaging skincare for very oily skin can be tricky. So, included below are some great choices that will not cause pore blockage and will help with overall tone and clarity. Treating oil with oil may sound counterintuitive but it actually tricks the skin into thinking it has enough, thus slowing the amount of oil produced. Adding a good glycerin “moisturizer” will assist in the protection of the skin after using stripping (but necessary) fruit acids and retinols.

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Truth Treatment Systems | Full Step-by-Step Skincare Routine

Truth Treatment Systems | Full Step-by-Step Skincare Routine

As the name suggests, the Truth Treatment Systems product line is meant to be applied as a full skin care system. The pharmacist-designed products contain potent active ingredients and are without “fillers” such as water, preservatives, waxes, emulsifiers, oils or fragrances, so it is important to know how best to apply.

Truth Treatment Systems has just about every product you would need for a complete anti-aging routine, from cleansers to retinols. One very unique product that in used simultaneously with the serum and balms is the Biomimetic Priming Mist. The mist is meant to be used with the Transdermal C Balm, Transdermal C Serum, Regenerating 5% Retinol Gel, Resurfacing 1% Retinol Light, and the Omega 6 Healing Cream. Ben Fuchs, the owner and founder of Truth Treatment Systems, does an amazing job of demonstrating the process and function of the mineral spray in his quick “Truth Treatment Systems Application Instructions” video. 

Take a look at the examples of the optimal order and frequency of morning and night time application below, and explore the full Truth Treatment Systems product line on our Harben House collection page.

Morning Routine:

  1. Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser or Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser – Use a small amount of the concentrated cleanser and work into wet skin.
  2. Transdermal C Serum – Allow 1 to 2 drops mixed with the mist or water to absorb into skin.
  3. Omega 6 Healing Cream – Apply as much as needed as a moisturizer throughout the day. Apply after cleansing and serums.
  4. Sunscreen – There’s no sunscreen from Truth Treatment Systems (yet, or at least one can hope!), but vitamin C and retinol treated skin of any kind is more susceptible to sun damage.

Night Routine:

  1. Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser or Peppermint Salicylic Cleanser – Use a small amount to scrub away the day’s makeup, dirt, oil and sweat.
  2. Transdermal C Serum - Allow 1 to 2 drops mixed with the mist or water to absorb into skin.
  3. Transdermal C Balm - Apply a pea-sized amount to dampened skin and massage in.
  4. Omega 6 Healing Cream – Apply the moisturizer as needed.
  5. Retinol Gel 1% or 5% - Best to apply the retinol gel as the very last product in a small pea-size amount. Important - start off slow. Begin by applying the retinol every 14 days to test tolerance and work up to applying it every other night or as tolerated. 

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Have Dehydrated Skin? Here's How to Fix It

Have Dehydrated Skin? Here's How to Fix It

Unlike having dry or oily skin that is determined almost entirely on genetics, dehydrated skin is a condition that is dependent on lifestyle choices, environment, and a bit on genetics, too, and can be alleviated or reversed. The terms ‘dry skin’ and ‘dehydrated skin’ are often incorrectly used interchangeably. It’s true that they share overlapping skin side effects, however, they are distinctly different as dry skin is lacking sebum from the dermis, while dehydrated skin is lacking water from the stratum corneum – the outermost layer of skin.

How to tell if you have dehydrated or dry skin 

The diagram below outlines the similarities and differences of both skin states. To tell if your body – and thus your skin – is dehydrated just take notice of your body’s natural cues. If you have dark urine, don’t pee often, experience headaches, have random muscle cramping, or when your skin pulled tight does not snap back into place you may be dehydrated. Mature skin that might not show these body cues can still be dehydrated since as we age the cell’s ability to hold water simply decreases. Insufficient water molecules within the cell causes shrinking, which affects the visible skin by making it undesirably scrunched and not smooth.

Best practices to fix dehydrated skin

Changing your day-to-day routine to live a healthier lifestyle from drinking more water, getting enough sleep, decreasing stress and consuming water-dense, unprocessed foods will absolutely help repair dehydrated skin. However, aging skin will need assistance in retaining water even when all these lifestyle goals are met. Specific types of skincare products can either harm or help your quest to rehydrate your skin. Using products meant for dry skin can cause an overproduction of sebum that results in breakouts, while using products meant for oily skin can overly dry-out and irritate the skin. To find a happy medium you’ll need:

Cream Cleanser

Thick and creamy cleansers contain much-needed moisturizing and hydrating agents. Formulated for sensitive skin types, they often omit the strong AHAs and BHAs that can over exfoliate and cause irritation to skin that is broken with scaly texture. It’s best to also avoid foaming cleansers as they contain surfactants that bind to water molecules to help pull up dirt and grease, which will leave the skin lacking water once again.

Harben House's Pick: Revision Gentle Cleansing Lotion ($30.50)


Hydrating Serum

Be on the lookout for serums that focus on hydration. One of the top ingredients to increase water retention is hyaluronic acid as it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. There are different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids which makes it great for penetrating the stratum corneum and seeping all throughout the dermis.

Harben House's Pick: NEOCUTIS Hyalis Hydrating Serum ($110)

Moisture Barrier

Living our modern life within buildings is absolutely a privilege, but the constant A/C and heater can dry out the air and dry out the skin. Applying a humectant moisturizer is ideal because it bonds with water molecules and slows the rate at which water naturally leaves the skin. Seek humectant ingredients within a moisturizer such as glycerin, aloe vera, propylene glycol, hyaluronic acid and honey.

Harben House's Pick: SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator ($120)

Hydration Spray

Moisture BarrierFor an additional burst of hydration during the day try a mist with humectant and antioxidant ingredients. Avoid exfoliating ingredients that are desined to treat acne even if your skin is oily as this can overcorrect the problem and leave dry patches.

Harben House's Pick: Truth Treatment Systems Biomimetic Priming Mist ($39)

Nourishing Mask

Some days it seems that serums and moisturizers just aren’t enough. Whether it be after a long night out, sudden dip in temperature, or after traveling, take 5-15 minutes to apply a hydrating mask to really allow the ingredients to soak in. It's best to stick with gelatinous or cream-based masks instead of clay masks that dry out and harden.

Harben House's Pick: Osmosis Hydralift Firming Gel Mask ($52)

Overall, it is tricky to identify if your skin is dehydrated as it can affect both dry skin or oily skin individuals. Once you know the source of your red, scaly, itchy, dull or taunt skin you can change up your lifestyle and use select skincare products to achieve a youthful, clear appearance.

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SkinBetter Science Products - How to Purchase

SkinBetter Science Products - How to Purchase

We get many requests from across the country about the newest, award-winning skincare brand, Skinbetter Science, that just celebrated its second birthday this August. Since their launch, Skinbetter has taken the industry by storm. The good and the bad of Skinbetter Science is that it is a physician-only brand. This means that it is only sold and distributed by medical aesthetic practices that are owned and backed by physicians, which makes it a bit tricky to find locally or purchase online.

A unique blend of medical-grade ingredients is found in almost all Skinbetter formulations. Skinbetter Science AlphaRet Overnight Cream, Alto Defense Serum, Even Tone Correcting Serum, and InterFuse Treatment Lines are among the top-selling product we carry out of our whole catalog of over 1,000 SKUs.

Skinbetter does not allow their products to be sold in traditional online and retail stores because they want to uphold the integrity of the brand and be sure that professionals are trained to know how to properly recommend the skincare to clients. Their products are “medical-grade” meaning they are clinically-backed and available to establishments that operate under a licensed physician. If you are wondering where you can buy Skinbetter Science Products, you have found the right place. You can order these specialty products through Harben House. 

Harben House is the sister company of a large medical spa chain, Beleza Med Spa, which is owned and operated by Dr. Lawrence Broder. With these credentials, Harben House is qualified to offer the Skinbetter Science brand online. Based on seller expectations set in place by Skinbetter, we cannot allow customers to simply add the product to their cart. Instead, you must go through the proper channels to purchase products in this line.

If you would like to purchase any SkinBetter, please call or email us and let us know which products you are interested in. We can absolutely ship products around the country to customers that inquire. Although purchasing Skinbetter Science products require a few more steps, they are worth the extra hassle!

To inquire about Skinbetter Science products:
Email – response within 24 hours:
Phone – response by the next business day: 512-953-0512

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Skincare Empties: Anti-Aging Products I've Finished, Loved and Continue to Use

Skincare Empties: Anti-Aging Products I've Finished, Loved and Continue to Use

Being the owner of a skincare company means that I’ve sampled, tested and reviewed many more products than I can even remember, so it takes a true standout to keep its place in my everyday skincare routine. Over on Instagram (give us a follow @HarbenHouse 😊) I laid out my #empties that I have finished and since restocked. Each product took about 2-3 months to work my way through, and my skin has completely changed in tone and texture - i.e., my skin is brightener and smoother. These anti-aging serums, cleansers, and sunscreen are appropriate for all skin types and I would recommend them to anyone looking for top-grade skincare.


EltaMD UV Pure SPF 47 ($25.00): my go-to body sunscreen that I use daily! This is a physical, water-resistant formula that is safe to use on my baby boys, too.

Truth Treatment Systems Biomimetic Priming Mist ($39.00): I’ve already been through two of these recently. I probably use too much because I’m obsessed, and I want to drown myself in it! Not just an ordinary priming mist, this cocktail of numerous amino acids and minerals helps increase the absorption of active ingredients through specific chemical reactions, which means your skin is utilizing more product.

Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare Rescue Repair Serum ($120.00): A staple in my skincare routine, I love everything about this serum. It’s is extremely anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.

SkinBetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum ($140.00): If you’ve been following us for a while, you know I’m obsessed with this pigmentation solution. It has clinically beat 4% hydroquinone in lightening dark spots and prevents them from coming back! My informative blog post about Even Tone goes into greater detail on the ingredients that work to brighten your complexion.

Truth Treatment Systems Transdermal C Balm ($189.00): I use this balm about every 2-3 nights. Some people have said it causes little bumps under their skin, but I haven’t had any issues, which is strange because I usually have extremely sensitive & reactive skin. Nevertheless, I believe this is a great product to act as your Vitamin C supplier and it shows immediate visible results after each use.

Osmosis +Pur Medical Skincare Purifying Cleanser ($21.00): The perfect gentle exfoliating cleanser that can be used every day. It purifies the skin with AHA fruit acids including kumquat, kiwi, grapefruit and neem.

Truth Treatment Systems Transdermal Vitamin C Serum ($199.00): Probably my favorite product of all time, 80% thd ascorbate, which is an extremely effective (and expensive) form of Vitamin C. You can’t get a more potent Vitamin C serum!

SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex ($179.00): This has been a staple in my skincare regimen for over 8 years. I use a growth factor every day and this is one of my favorites! The TNS, a.k.a. Tissue Nutrient Solution, has a 93.6% concentration with over 380 growth factors, cytokines and antioxidants sure to reduce wrinkles, build collagen and reduce brown spots.

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Meet Callie - A Pharmacist Skincare Must Haves

Meet Callie - A Pharmacist Skincare Must Haves

Meet Callie. She is a beautiful pharmacist that has joined Harben House as a Pharmacist Adviser. We go to Callie to get scientific information about our skin and product ingredients. She is a wonderful resource and adviser for Harben House, and we are thrilled to have her on the team. Please read below her current review of must-have products for combination skin types. 

Pharmacist Skincare Recommendations for Combination Skin

As a pharmacist, I field a lot of questions from friends about over-the-counter products, birth control, infant dosing, and did I mention birth control? But, now in my 30s, I am happy to report that many of my friends now ask for my latest and greatest skincare recommendations. So, here are some of the products that I am currently loving and my skin is thanking me for!


SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex.

One trait that has been ingrained in me since pharmacy school is to read the ingredient label on EVERYTHING. The first few ingredients listed tend to be the most active, so with skincare I look for water and ingredients proven to help with whatever the product is claiming to do. In the case of SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex, the first ingredient is Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media…say what?? In other words, human growth factor is the primary ingredient. I apply my TNS Recovery Complex every morning and night,and the growth factors stimulate regeneration in my skin. Growth Factors can be great for use following a skin procedure to promote healthy skin growth, and even can help reduce old acne scars. Given that it’s made from actual skin tissue, I feel I must warn that it does have a slight smell of feet while applying, but it only lasts a few seconds and feels great (and odorless) once applied. This a must for your skincare regimen!

Truth Treatment Systems Biomimetic Priming Mist.

I have the definition of combination skin, so it is always a delicate balancing act to find a product that moisturizes but doesn’t cause me to get too oily throughout the day.  Enter Truth Biomimetic Priming Mist- a hydrating mist with a matte finish that contains ingredients proven to moisturize while also promoting anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant effects. Created by pharmacist Benjamin Fuchs, (so how could I not love?) This primer uses fulvic acid which acts as an ingredient booster to help other nutrients get absorbed more efficiently - making it the perfect priming mist to apply before your other skincare products and makeup.  Great for all skin types, this is one of my new favorite products that I didn’t know I needed.

Neocutis Micro-Eyes Rejuvenating Cream.

No proper skincare regimen is complete without a multi-tasking eye cream. This one combats dryness, fine lines, sagginess and dark circles (what else could you ask for!). This eye cream contains Neocutis’ patented MPC (Micro Protein Complex)- micro proteins that work together to promote collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid…basically the trifecta of healthy, youthful looking skin. I have always struggled to find a product that works with my concealer to limit dryness and creasing, but Micro-Eyes incorporates de-puffing caffeine with MPC to create the perfect canvas for makeup and concealer application.  

Revision Skincare Intellishade Matte Tinted Moisturizer.

And last but certainly not least, sunscreen. All the products in the world are meaningless if you’re not protecting your skin from the sun’s rays. And rather than applying yet another cream to your face, this moisturizer works in several different ways to serve as an all-in-one, anti-aging sunscreen and light foundation. This, coupled with some brows and mascara, is all I need for an on-the-go makeup routine. As its name implies, it matches your skin tone perfectly with a matte finish- unlike so many sunscreens that cause unwanted shine. It’s SPF 45, so you can rest assured that you’re well-protected throughout the day. This will be in my makeup bag for years to come!

I look forward to sharing more of my personal skin care journey with everyone. I love skincare and I love Harben House!

Callie Lyons, PharmD

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All About Even Tone – Skinbetter Science’s Latest Serum

All About Even Tone – Skinbetter Science’s Latest Serum

Skinbetter Science is the newest, in-demand skin care brand to exclusively hit physician’s shelves. Skin care enthusiasts have been obsessing over this innovative new brand since they launched in 2015. With powerhouse products like Alto Defense Serum and AlphaRet Overnight Cream, Skinbetter Science has been paving the way of medical-grade skin care over the last few years. Worth the investment, Skinbetter’s use of expensive ingredients in their effective products beats out most competitors in clinical trials.
When we got word that Skinbetter Science was launching a pigmentation product in 2018, we were all ears!
Skinbetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum is an extremely powerful pigmentation product. It helps with a variety of skin concerns, but what we are going to focus on today is how it fights brown spots, called hyperpigmentation. Skinbetter’s Even Tone has been clinically test and the results show it actually BEAT OUT 4% hydroquinone in clinical trials! No product has even shown to be equal to a 4% HQ before, and Skinbetter actually surpassed it!
Let’s breakdown the pigmentation ingredients and see why this Skinbetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum is worth all the hype.


Skinbetter Science Before and After harben house


Ingredients Breakdown


Diglucosyl Gallic Acid- One of the most interesting ingredients in modern skin care. Diglucosyl Gallic Acid is a patented ingredient that uses microbes already on the skin’s surface to change forms into a useable cosmetic ingredient, Gallic Acid. Gallic Acid helps to brighten the skin and stop the production of melanin which produces hyperpigmentation or dark spots. What is fascinating is that Diglucosyl Gallic Acid is pretty much worthless without the good bacteria that is found on our skin. It uses our own skin’s microbiome to produce a valuable cosmetic ingredient that is revolutionizing the skincare industry. What is also unique about this product is that it not only helps with brown spots, but it also helps with yellow and red pigmentation in the skin.


Kakadu Plum Extract- Kakadu Plums are found in Australia and they are the world’s highest natural source for Vitamin C. Research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says that the amount of Vitamin C in the Kakadu Plum is 55x greater than that of an orange. This powerful superfruit not only helps brighten the skin but also helps with inflammation, neutralizing free radicals, and overall skin protection.  


Hexylresorcinol- A valuable hydroquinone alternative that helps lighten and brighten the skin. Hexylresorcinol is less irritating than others in the resorcinol family. It assists with fight glycation in the skin which, in turn, slows the breakdown of collagen while protecting the skin from free radical damage.


Artemisia Capillaris Flower Extract – This Japanese herb has been used for centuries in eastern medicine for a variety of conditions including hepatitis, jaundice, and even headaches. Recently studies have been done to prove that this amazing flower can provide antimicrobial benefits as well as skin lightening benefits. Artemisia Capillaris specifically helps skin pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun.

Alpha-Arbutin- Although all Arbutin’s are in the hydroquinone family, they do not have the same carcinogenic affect as hydroquinone. Alpha-Arbutin comes from the Bearberry fruit and looks chemically similar to hydroquinone, however it has an attached sugar molecule on it’s tail. Alpha-Arbutin is not the same as Beta Arbutin which is more commonly found in skincare. The Alpha Arbutin is said to have a much broader impact on lightening and brightening the skin than any others in the Arbutin family. Many clinically studies have been done on this powerful berry and it has proven time and again to lighten pigmentation, specifically deep stubborn discoloration like that caused by melasma.  


Skinbetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum contains many more functional ingredients that help with other pigmentation problems, specifically those targeting the yellow and red pigments. It also contains ceramides, peptides, and linoleic acids making it exceptionally beneficially beyond just reducing hyperpigmentation in the skin. It does not contain any ingredients that will break out oily skin or dry out dehydrated skin. Therefore, it is perfect for all skin types, and it should be an important part of all skin care regimens.


Skinbetter Clincal Trials Even Tone Correcting Serum

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Everyday Essentials - How to Gift the Perfect Skin Care Product

Everyday Essentials - How to Gift the Perfect Skin Care Product

Picking skin care products for yourself can be hard enough but trying to buy beauty items for a gift is even trickier! Let us help you become the ultimate gift giver with this cheat sheet of our absolute favorite solutions for 5 of the most common skin concerns for all skin types.

1. Perfect Pigmentation - Skinbetter Science Even Tone Correcting Serum ($140)

Almost everyone is trying to even out their skin tone and correct either brown, yellow, or red colors that creep up with age and external/internal damage. Skinbetter Science’s Even Tone Correcting Serum will equalize discoloration with it’s gorgeous and luminous formula. Use this product morning and night as a serum before sunscreen and retinol.

2. Baby Soft Skin - SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex ($179)

One of the most envy worthy products on the market! Ever wonder what makes baby’s skin so soft? There are many reasons, but mainly their skin contains growth factors. As we age these growth factors decrease, and applying a growth factor serum like SkinMedica’s TNS Recovery Complex can help turn back the clock and give skin a rejuvenating appeal.

3. Eye Essential - Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream ($97)

Every eye needs to be treated with delicate care. Meet the perfect eye cream for all eye concerns, Lumiere. Dark circles, wrinkles, texture, puffiness, and dehydration is all addressed in this moisturizing cream. An all time fan favorite will wow anyone who is lucky enough to receive one of these gems!

4. Restore Youth - Restorsea Pro Intensive Treatment 10x ($195)

Perfect for all skin types of any age. Restorsea’s unique serum contains their patented Aquabeautine XL which is an enzyme produced by salmon roe. Get the highest concentration of this extraordinary I greiemt in this physican dispenser treatment. Restorsea’s 10x Serum exudes luxury and has incredible  anti-aging results! 

5. Overnight Obsession - Skinbetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream ($110)

Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture, this medical grade miracle cream is the perfect retinoid product for all skin types. Most know that a retinoid is one of the most important pieces of any skincare routine, but the irritation and redness caused by most retinoids is a deterrent for some. Skinbetter Science’s AlphaRet Overnight Cream gives you all the benefits of the retinoid without the side effects. A bonus is it also contains non-irritating glycolic acid for extra exfoliation!

All these solutions-in-a-bottle can be used alone or as a whole routine. If you are having trouble picking out the perfect gift, these 5 options will be well received by everyone!

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A Letter From Harben House's Founder - Courtney Broder

A Letter From Harben House's Founder - Courtney Broder


Welcome to Harben House. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit our site and read our story. I want to be sure that everyone has a delightful experience while shopping at Harben House. I know shopping for skincare and beauty products online can be tedious, so we strive to ease this process for you. 

Harben House is named after my two beautiful baby boys, Harrison and Benjamin. After an exhaustive attempt to create a clever, unique, and available store name, it made sense to go with a personal brand name. During conception, I kept going back to the essence of what I wanted Harben to be, a global health and beauty destination. I desired not to be tied down to one part of the beauty industry, as I plan to expand into additional areas of health and wellness. So, I kept going back to “Heath and Beauty.” HB just happened to be on the necklace I wear daily that I had personalized for Harrison and Benjamin. “Harben” quickly came to me, and soon after, Harben House was established.

My vision is for Harben House to be a medical aesthetic wellness destination that helps customers choose products that fit their individual needs. Through myself, and our panel of experts, we can design skincare routines and pick products specific to your needs. We strive to take the guess work out of buying beauty products online and make it so that you can buy products that truly work with confidence.

I personally thank you for supporting Harben House. Please know, our door is always open.



Courtney Broder

Please visit our welcome letter here

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A Plastic Surgeon's Skincare Staples

A Plastic Surgeon's Skincare Staples

What skincare products does the plastic surgeon use?

We get asked this daily in our offices. Who doesn't want to know what a Plastic Surgeon is using on their skin? We've gone behind the counter with our in-house Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to see exactly what secrets she has for healthy skin.

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