Cyspera and Cysteamine HSA: How are They Different?

Cyspera and Cysteamine HSA: How are They Different?

If you love Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector as much as we do, you have probably heard that it's being discontinued, and may have wondered what to replace it with. The good news is that this best-selling hyperpigmentation treatment that is used & loved by people all over the world isn't going anywhere. (And the Cyspera you're used to will be around for a bit longer-- it's still available for sale here at Harben House, while our supplies last.)

What is Cysteamine HSA Pigment & Tone Corrector?

A person's hand, holding a tube of Sente Cysteamine HSA Pigment & Tone Corrector.

Long term Cyspera loyalists will remember the early days when it was called Cysteamine.

Now the original name is back, with an improved formulation! Cysteamine HSA Pigment & Tone Corrector has everything you know and love about the old Cyspera, plus a few bonuses, including Sente's revolutionary Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology. 

How is Cysteamine HSA Different from Cyspera?

With Cysteamine HSA, you can expect to receive the same pigment correcting effects you're used to from Cyspera, but with a few changes we think you'll love:


Cysteamine HSA is priced at $149, down from Cyspera's $169. Long-time users, start thinking about what you'll do with that extra $20!


This is a tiny change, but Cyspera was sold by weight: 50g, which is equivalent to 1.75 oz. Cysteamine HSA is sold by volume: 50mL, or 1.7 oz, which means you get slightly less product even though it comes in the same tube. That may be a small piece of the new smaller price tag.

Reduced Waiting Time

With Cyspera, you are supposed to wait one hour after washing your face to apply the product. With its new formulation, Cysteamine cuts that down by 66%, meaning you now only have a 20 minute pause between washing and application.

A tube of Cysteamine and a swath of the cream on a blue background


If you've used Cyspera, you are already familiar with the smell: something similar to hair dye or hair remover. Most people get used to it with repeated use, but for those of you who never did, Cysteamine comes with a great update: a milder smell! Cysteamine still smells similar, but it is definitely more subtle and maybe a little sweeter.


Cyspera was built on a mineral oil base, which caused irritation for some users. Cysteamine has been reformulated to replace it with a gentler base that will be tolerable for even more people. Plus, the inclusion of Sente's proprietary HSA compound provides even more soothing repair for sensitive skin.

Have you already tried Cysteamine HSA? Let us know in the comments what you think!


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  • Feb 14, 2023

    Hi Padmavathi,

    Yes, we still have the Scientis version of Cyspera available for purchase while our supplies last.

    — Alyson

  • Feb 14, 2023

    Hi Melissa,

    Washing your face prior to use is an important step in the process for most skincare products, so I wouldn’t recommend using this with makeup still on. Having makeup and environmental pollutants on your skin prior to application can block absorption, may interact with the product and negatively impact its efficacy, and could even cause irritation. Thanks!

    — Alyson

  • Feb 09, 2023

    Can you apply this new product over your makeup at night instead of washing your face first?

    — Melissa

  • Feb 09, 2023
    used. both for me it worked scientis is better than sente .

    but i paid sente $169 .
    if i want get scients is it available?

    — padmavathi mamillapalli

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