The more you shop, the more rewards you earn

How does it work?

Join Harben House Rewards

Start earning points

Redeem points for rewards


Earn points when you do any of the following:

+250 Points

Create an account

+5 Points

For every $1 spent at Harben House

+100 Points

For writing a product review (max of 50 reviews)

+100 Points

For following us on Instagram

+200 Points

On your birthday

+1000 Points

For reffering a friend (points received when they make their first purchase)

*5 points per dollar spent applies to merchandise purchases only, after any discounts have been applied. Gift cards, taxes, and shipping are not eligible for points accrual. Points have no cash value.

Points expire after one year of inactivity in the program. Participants will be notified via email 30 days before points expiry, with an additional reminder email one week before points expire. Rewards coupons expire in 6 months to 1 year, depending on coupon type.

Program details are subject to change. Please contact us via email at with any questions.


Use points to get deluxe sample packs, free products, or coupons for big savings on future purchases.

Get $10 off

for 1000 points

Get $25 off

for 2500 points

Get $50 off

for 5000 points

Get $100 off

for 10,000 points

5 Piece Deluxe Sample Pack

for 500 points (limited quantities available). See current sample pack here.

Free Full-Size Product

2500-5000 points (available products vary)


Send your uniqe referral link to a friend

Your friend gets $10 off on their first order

You earn 1000 reward points


Create or access your account by clicking the Rewards launcher in the lower right of your screen.

If you already have a Harben House account, login and your points will be there.


How do I see my current rewards points balance?

Login to your Harben House account by clicking the blue Rewards button at the bottom right of your screen, and entering your email address.

I received an email saying my points are expiring. What should I do?

To preserve your points balance, you just need to do something to spend or earn points. You can redeem points for a coupon and spend it later, make a purchase, or write a product review on a product you already purchased, for example.

What happens to rewards points I already earned in the old program?

Your existing rewards point balance has been converted and transferred to the new program, so you're all set up to spend and earn more rewards now.

Can I still use rewards coupons from the old program?

Yes, all your previously claimed rewards coupons are still active and available for you to use. They still expire 1 year after they were issued, so check your expiration dates.

When do my rewards points expire?

Your entire points balance expires after one year of inactivity. You will be notified by email 30 days before any points expire, with an additional reminder email 1 week before.

How do the sample packs and free product coupons work?

After redeeming points for a free product or sample pack, you add the product to your cart, then enter your coupon code into the promo code box at checkout to update the cost to $0.

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