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Obagi Skin Care Products

Obagi Products

Obagi skin care is a professional skin care line that designed to help minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, brown spots, acne, sun damage and more. Obagi products also includes prescription-strength formulas that are only available through physicians.

Obagi Creams & Obagi Serums

Say goodbye to acne and skin discoloration once and for all with Obagi Skin Care products. From sunscreens to Obagi Retinols, start brightening your appearance with Obagi Medical's Obagi C-Serum, Obagi Professional-CObagi Foaming Gel, Obagi Elastiderm, Obagi Vitamin C Mask , Obagi Retivance and more! Plus, enjoy free shipping when you order $50 or more of Obagi Medical Products.  Harben House carries the full line of Obagi Products including Obagi Creams and Obagi Serums.


SuzanObagiMD is a unique line of scientifically formulated products that cleanse dirt and other impurities while defending against UV rays* and rejuvenating the skin. The combination of clinically proven ingredients and antioxidants reveals healthier-looking, more radiant skin.

Spotlight Obagi Products:

Obagi Daily Hydro Drops:  This Obagi serum is a weightless, moisture-preserving formula  to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for more radiant, healthy-looking skin with continued use.

Obagi ClenzidermFight adult acne with an extra layer of defense against pore clogging culprits.

Obagi HydrateA moisturizing cream to be used as needed to soothe areas of dry, flaky skin. Obagi Hydrate provides all-day moisture protection and is suitable for all skin types. 

Obagi ClearObagi Nu-Derm Clear Fx provides a hydroquinone-free treatment for those seeking a whitening cream without bleach. 

Obagi SunscreenAchieve a beautiful matte finish, even during the sweltering, sweaty heat, with Obagi Sun Shield Matte SPF 50. 

Obagi RetinolObagi360 Retinol 0.5 is an ideal product to introduce your skin to retinol treatments. 

Obagi Vitamin CGive your skin a healthy dose of Vitamin C with Obagi Professional-C, the strongest concentration of the powerful, anti-aging ingredient.