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Best Selling Skincare Products of 2022 - Harben House Customer Favorites

Best Selling Skincare Products of 2022 - Harben House Customer Favorites - Harben House

As the year winds down, it feels like a good time to share your favorite skincare products from 2022. And, because a top 10 doesn't feel like quite enough, here are the 25 top-selling cleansers, serums, sunscreens, and more as chosen by you: the Harben House shoppers. 

Thank you all for making this a great year, and we look forward to seeing what everyone will love in 2023!

Products 25-21: Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant, Flawless Canvas Quantum Lift Reset Serum, EltaMD UV Daily, jane iredale PurePressed Blush, and AnteAGE MD Brightener

25. Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33 -  It's no surprise people love this daily sunscreen from Jan Marini-- it's lightweight, sheer, smells good, and provides broad-spectrum protection. Its antioxidants are an added bonus that protect and help repair damage from the sun.

24. Flawless Canvas Quantum Lift Reset Serum - Dr. Vicky Vega has been a superstar of the skincare world for years and is likely responsible for at least one product you know and love. Quantum Lift Reset Serum is her latest hit under her own brand; a hydrating, plumping, healing, anti-aging serum. To learn more about Vicky and Quantum Lift, you can listen to Courtney's interview with her on The Beauty Formula Podcast here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

23. EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 - Untinted - UV Daily is a fantastic broad-spectrum every day sunscreen that can do double duty as a daytime moisturizer thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in the formula. It also features vitamin E for increased antioxidant protection from the sun.

22. jane iredale Pure Pressed Blush - We love jane iredale around here, so we're glad to know you all do too! PurePressed Blush comes in 14 gorgeous colors, and every one of them is in a soft, creamy formulation that goes on smooth & blends like a cream, but builds like a powder, with added botanicals to soften and smooth skin.

21. AnteAGE MD Brightener - This won't be the only time you see an AnteAGE product in this list, and for good reason. This Brightener works well on its own, but really shines in conjunction with the rest of the AnteAGE line. Using peptides, tranexemic acid, and growth factors, MD Brightener helps to even skin tone, fade discoloration, and bring back your glow. 

Products 20-16: Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus MD, Revision Soothing Facial Rinse, Revision Nectifirm Advanced, Osmosis StemFactor Serum, EltaMD UV Physical Tinted

20. Jan Marini Age Intervention Retinol Plus MD - A powerful retinol boosted with peptides and antioxidants? Yes, please! Add in hydrating agents to soothe skin and reduce irritation, and you've got a winner.

19. Revision Skincare Soothing Facial Rinse - Revision is the most-featured brand on our list this year, and their soothing facial rinse is a strong part of any regimen. It's a lovely alcohol-free, oi-free toner that smells great, and refreshes skin after cleansing.

18. Revision Skincare Nectifirm Advanced - Building on the success of its predecessor Nectifirm, Nectifirm Advanced is a powerful tool for reducing the signs of aging on the neck and decolletage. With its blend of peptides, antioxidants and Microbiome technology, Nectifirm Advanced helps reduce the appearance of crepey skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

17. Osmosis MD Stemfactor Serum - Using patented stem cell methods, StemFactor is among the most trusted growth factor serums on the market. With over 600 growth factors and proteins, this is a powerful serum that rejuvenates and encourages glowing skin.

16. EltaMD UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 - Tinted - As far as physical daily sunscreens go, UV Physical is a fantastic option. Chemical-free, oil-free, water-resistant, and rich in antioxidants, this is a comprehensive sun protection solution.

Products 15-11: Revision DEJ Eye Cream, iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Revision Youthfull Lip Replenisher, Alastin Restorative Skin Complex, Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment

15. Revision Skincare DEJ Eye Cream - Backed by impressive clinical trials, DEJ Eye Cream is a highly moisturizing, anti-aging eye cream. Its peptides, antioxidants, and botanical extracts smooth and hydrate skin to diminish fine lines and reinforce the skin barrier for healthier, younger-looking skin.

14. iS Clinical Cleansing Complex - Fantastic at removing makeup, this powerful but gentle cleansing gel has been a favorite for years. Great for all skin types, even sensitive or blemish-prone, this cleanser leaves skin soft & smooth.

13. Revision Skincare Youthfull Lip Replenisher - Revision's advanced lip treatment combats the signs of aging around your mouth with a powerful formula including peptides, Hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. It works from within to plump, contour, and define healthier lips.

12. Alastin Skincare Restorative Skin Complex - A powerful anti-aging serum, Alastin's Restorative Skin Complex features their proprietary TriHex technology and antioxidants. Use morning and evening to improve collagen production, volumize aging skin, smooth fine lines, and even skin tone.

11. Alastin Skincare Restorative Eye Treatment - Another hit from Alastin, this eye cream with TriHex technology is great for smoothing fine lines, reducing puffiness, and firming skin around the eye. It also features hydrating botanical extracts and a lipid encapsulated retinol for improved delivery.

Products 10-6: SkinMedica TNS Advanced + Serum, EltaMD UV Elements, Revision C+ Correcting Complex, Alastin Hydratint, AnteAGE Home Microneedling Solution Refill

10. SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum - This powerhouse serum brings us into the top ten! Like all of SkinMedica's products TNS Advanced+ Serum is backed by extensive scientific research as a comprehensive anti-aging treatment. With 450 growth factors, peptides, and probiotics, this treatment delivers an overall improvement in skin texture, fades discoloration, and reduces fine lines & sagging.

9. Elta MD UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF 44 - UV Elements is another one of EltaMD's fantastic facial sunscreens, intended for sensitive or post-procedure skin. It includes hyaluronic acid for extra hydration and can be used as a daily moisturizer. 

8. Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex - Vitamin C has long been known as a powerful antioxidant for the skin, but rather than just fighting existing free radicals, Revision's C+ Correcting Complex goes on the offensive and prevents free radical damage rather than just repairing it. The result is a strong anti-aging and pigmentation treatment that smooths fine lines, increases melanin production, and supports microbiome health.

7.  Alastin Skincare HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36 - HydraTint is a lightweight, all physical daily sun protection option that is rich in antioxidants, hydrates, and has a tint that works with most skin tones. It's water resistant and provides UVA/UVB protection too.

6. AnteAGE Home Microneedling Solution Refill - When used in conjunction with the AnteAGE Microneedling Roller, this solution is a powerful pro-healing skincare treatment. Containing hyaluronic acid for hydration, anti-inflammatory growth factors, and cytokines, this is the perfect treatment for post-procedure skin or skin that otherwise needs help in the healing process.

Products 5-1: EltaMD UV Clear Tinted, Osmosis MD Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum, AnteAGE System MD, Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector, EltaMD UV Clear Untinted

5. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 - Tinted - EltaMD's daily sunscreen designed for oily skin, this oil-free formula protects sensitive skin from the sun's damage. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 help hydrate and soothe skin to reduce inflammation and sensitivity too.

4. Osmosis MD Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum - Osmosis' blockbuster serum, Rescue combines patented active ingredients to calm redness, clear blemishes, boost skin's immunity, and even skin tone. It's powerful addition to a regimen for people battling inflammation, Acne, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, and more.

3. AnteAGE System MD - A true power couple, the AnteAGE System, with the Serum and Accelerator is a breakthrough skin treatment that improves skin appearance and health. A pro-healing system ideal for post-procedure or everyday use, it's loaded with cytokines and anti-aging, anti-inflammatory ingredients to help your skin look its best.

2. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 - Untinted - If you're surprised both the tinted and untinted versions of this sunscreen cracked the top 5, then you may not have tried UV Clear before. It's been EltaMD's #1 selling sunscreen for years, so give it a shot if you're looking for a new daily SPF.

1. Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector - A revolutionary product, the Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector is a clinically proven hyperpigmentation treatment that people all over the planet have fallen in love with. (It is also by far our best-selling item with international customers!) Now, if you haven't heard, Cyspera has been discontinued, but don't worry: we still have it in stock for the time being. And, in even better news, Sente has created a replacement that improves on the existing Cyspera formula called Cysteamine HSA Pigmentation and Tone Corrector. You can read more about Cysteamine HSA and how it compares to Cyspera on our blog

That's it! Thanks again for being part of the Harben House family, and we look forward to being part of your skincare journey in 2023.


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