New Product: Flawless Canvas Paradox™ Refining Cream

New Product: Flawless Canvas Paradox™ Refining Cream

Flawless Canvas has finally released their long-awaited third product, and we're beyond excited about it. Meet Paradox™ Refining Cream, a new retinal product that can deliver visible results with the first bottle, with minimal or no irritation.

Paradox™ is a .2% retinal cream, making it the most powerful retinal on on the market. But it is, paradoxically, extremely gentle despite being so powerful (and that's where it gets its name). A full 92% of people who took part in the clinical trials said they didn’t experience any irritation with their first use-- a big deal for such a strong retinoid.

How does Paradox™ manage to be so gentle? 

A bottle of Flawless Canvas Paradox Refining Cream against a light blue background

Thanks to an intricate formulation including botanical extracts and multiple moisturizing and hydrating agents, Paradox™ delivers extra support to soothe skin against dryness and inflammation. Besides well-known moisturizers like glycerin and squalane, the formula also contains Hibiscus fruit and mondo grass extracts to increase hydration and help repair or boost function of the skin barrier. Plus, Red Sage root extract is included as an anti-inflammatory pain reliever that can decrease redness too.

Another important part of the formula comes in the form of the retinal itself. Retinal produces results much faster than the better-known retinol, but because it is significantly more expensive and less stable, it hasn't been used in skincare products as frequently. In this formula, the retinal has been encapsulated to improve its stability, allowing it to release over time for better results with less irritation. Cranberry fruit extract is also included in the formula to boost the retinal's effectiveness, while encouraging firmness and elasticity in skin.

This formula is so fast-acting that within 1-2 weeks of daily use, users reported an improved skin texture and smoothness, with improved resilience and little to no irritation or flaking. With continued daily use for 4-6 weeks, fine lines, wrinkles, and creases reduced in appearance, and skin texture continued to improve. 

Overall, 83% of trial users reported a smoother skin texture, noticing fewer bumps and hormonal spots, so while results will vary, it is likely you will see improvements pretty quickly.

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