Best of 2021 : Exfoliators

Best of 2021 : Exfoliators

Best of 2021 : Exfoliators

Today we are talking about our exfoliators! 

1st let me just let you know that there are THREE different ways to exfoliate! 

  • Physical exfoliation which would be your cleansers with the little beads or  facial scrubs that you physically massage into your skin to help get rid of the dead skin build up. 
  • Mechanical exfoliation, this is your machines, tools, or devices that do the work such as microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, even Hydrafacials! 
  • Chemical Exfoliation which is using acids or enzymes to help slough away dead skin. These are all ways to get rid of dead skin, unclog pores, and leave your skin bright and smooth! Exfoliation is essential for antiaging - it helps get rid of dead skin and helps the cell renewal process for fresh glowing skin.

    I bet you’re wondering when you should exfoliate? Great question. You should exfoliate your face after you cleanse then proceed with the rest of your products. How often should you exfoliate? Another great question,  just 2-3 times per week or whatever your skin can handle. But don't over exfoliate! Also, I recommend exfoliating at night and make sure you are wearing your SPF during the day


    Now let's talk about  Harben House’s best selling Exfoliators of 2021. 

    1. Jan Marini Skin Research - BioClear Face Lotion - BEST OVERALL FORMULA.

    Bioclear Face Lotion will help address multiple skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, redness, tone and texture, lines and wrinkles. Powerful product with combination of 3 acids – Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Azelaic Acid to help clear and brighten your skin. A MUST HAVE for all Skin but Great for acne prone skin to provide anti-aging benefits.

    2. AnteAGE MD - Accelerator Serum - BEST ALL-IN-ONE!!

    Doing more than just exfoliating - with their Stem Cell Cytokines, antioxidants, and vitamins doing the work to hydrate and nourish the skin. The formula of Beta Defensin 3, Bakuchiol, and Vitamin C work to optimize skin tone and texture while supporting a healthy skin defense system and increasing skin renewal at the cellular level. *Using the AnteAGE System together will give you optimal results.

    3. iS Clinical - Active Serum - BEST EXFOLIATING SERUM!

    iS clinical most popular product. Pairs well with other products so it's really easy to include this to your skincare routine. Such a great lightweight serum that is strong and effective but gentle enough for everyday use! This serum does feel “active” once applied, I love that you can feel it working while also giving your skin a cooling effect. Literally helps diminish that appearance of blemishes and gives that appearance of smaller pores. I use this as a spot treatment sometimes for those stubborn pimples that hurt and won't go away.

    4. Clarity RX Skincare - Brighten It 10% Lactic Acid Solution - BEST LACTIC ACID EXFOLIATOR!!

    Did you know that Lactic Acid is derived from milk, helps to mildly exfoliate and improve skin tone and texture. It's the best of both worlds with this product : Simple ingredients and affordable! This one is one of my favorites - love to put this on before doing a face mask for quick at home treatment! You can certainly feel it working on your skin, great for discolored and dull skin. 

    5. Restorsea - PRO Intensive Treatment 10X Serum - BEST ENZEMATIC EXFOLIATING SERUM!!!

    This one is very Effective once applied with the Active Salmon Roe enzymes that help slough off dead skin for brighter looking skin. Great Retinol alternative for those that cannot tolerate any type of retinol. Watch the appearance of brown spots fade with daily use of the PRO Intensive Treatment 10x, an intensely hydrating serum that brightens aging skin. Many individuals with sensitive skin quickly become irritated by anti-aging products that contain glycolic acids and retinols, so Restorsea created an alternative exfoliant called, Aquabeautine XL, which revitalizes a dull appearance by eliminating dead skin cells and leaves healthy skin cells unharmed. 

    6. Truth Treatments Systems- AHA Energizing Mineral Exfoliator - BEST EXFOLIATING TONER!!!!

    Like WOW, Seriously! With minimal but powerful ingredients to stimulate and Energize your skin with this alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant that helps remove pore-clogging impurities and dead skin while reducing redness and nourishing your skin! Gentle and effective! Get the glowing skin you've always wanted! 
    These exfoliators mostly for all skin types. If your skin does start to feel irritated please cut back on the use or stop using it. And again make sure that you are using in the evening and that you are applying your Sunscreen everyday!!
    Next on the blog we talk about MASK! I cant wait. I love a good at home mask!

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