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BEST OF 2021 : MASKS - Harben House

Best of 2021 - Masks 

On today's blog we are talking about FACE MASKS - and no we are not talking about N95 haha - we are talking about the fun kind of face masks with incredible skin benefits.

We are listing off a few of our favorite top selling masks from Pampering to intensive treatment masks

Plus, these can all be done from the comfort of your own home. My preference is the comfort of my bathtub with a glass of wine of course. We all need to have more at home spa nights. 

When would be a good time to have a spa night? In my opinion.. every night haha. But sometimes we don’t have the time every night. So I like to save my spa nights for when I've had a long few days and I can really start to feel it in my skin. First, pour yourself that glass then cleanse your face, you can use whatever cleanser you prefer, I like to use exfoliating one. After cleansing I like to apply an exfoliating toner or serum to help prep the skin for  the mask. Once the mask is applied, enjoy your bath with wine, or a book, or knock out that pile of laundry whatever it is you do to relax a little. Most masks don’t stay on longer than 20 min so make sure you set a timer and don't leave it on too long. Wash off your mask and proceed with the rest of your skincare regime.


All right, get ready to add to your shopping cart.. let your at home facial spa night commence.


1. Jan Marini Skin Research – Skin Zyme Mask - BEST ENZYME MASK!!

Great for all skin types and it smells good. Made with papaya enzymes to help gently remove dead skin without irritation for smooth polished skin. Intended to be paired with the Clean Zyme Cleanser for maximum results. This mask can be used really at any time for an immediate polished glowing look.

2. Revision Skincare - Pore Purifying Clay Mask - BEST CLAY MASK!!

This one recently got a new name but the same amazing formula. This mask works like a magnet that helps pull out impurities, unclog pores and detoxify the skin leaving you with clean smooth skin!  Can be used on all skin types - ideal for oily skin! Great T-zone mask too!

3. Leahlani Skincare - Mermaid Mask - BEST for ALL SKIN TYPES!

This emerald green goodness is the Perfect mask to be used multiple times a week if needed "Superfood Smoothie for the skin”!! Your skin needs greens too. Purify, clarify, and nourish your skin. This one is really one of my favorite masks to quickly do if I don’t have much “me time”. 

4. iS Clinical - Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque - BEST STRONG TREATMENT MASK!

One of our most invigorating mask we carry. This one is more like an at home quick treatment facial that you can do once every other week without having to go to the spa. This mask combines powerful botanical enzymes, Salicylic Acid and eco-friendly micro-beads to provide an ideal combination of physical and biochemical exfoliation, while Brazilian Blood Orange provides added antioxidant protection and a luxurious aroma. Apply a thin layer to moisten skin and massage gently, leave it on for no more than 5 min and rinse with cool water. You will feel a little spicy sensation and the mask does its job but it will leave you looking smooth and bright!

5. Clarity RX Skincare - Live + Be Well | Probiotic + Pink Himalayan Salt Mask - BEST PROBIOTIC MASK!! 

This silky , rich mask will help maintain a healthy balance in the skin's microbiome for strong, hydrated, bright skin. Probiotics will help to strengthen the skin's natural defense system resulting in optimal hydration with increased antioxidant benefits to reduce toxins, improve acne and overall tone and texture of your skin. Also we just love the color pink!!

6. Truth Treatment Systems - Vita Mask - BEST HYDRATING MASKS!!

This mask is packed with lipids and a blend of essential Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. we love a mask that Nourishes and deeply moisturizes dry, aging, depleted skin types. Bentonite clay detoxifies and energizes skin while oat extracts soothe and reduce inflammation. You can massage this mask in for additional penetration or just leave it on for no more than 15 min and rinse. I will say my skin has never felt so smooth, hydrated and supple!

What mask are you going to use for your spa night? Let us know what your favorite mask is and why in the comments. I would love to know!

Next on the blog - Vitamin C's!!


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