Retinols - The Skincare Must Have!

Retinols - The Skincare Must Have!

Let's talk about retinols!! 

What is retinol and what does it do?

Retinols are derived from Vitamin A and can exist in three different forms - Retinol - Retinaldehyde also known as Retinal - and Retinoic Acid or Retin-A. Some are more potent that others - and for those that can't really tolerate a retinol there are retinol alternatives out there!

I think that every person should have some form of Vitamin-A in their skincare routine. Vitamin-A can help address multiple skin concerns such as breakouts, pore size, sun damage, texture, fine lines, and wrinkle! Pretty much does everything antiaging and I need all the help I can get haha. 

Keep in mind that any form of retinol should be applied at night after your serums before your moisturizer. In the morning make sure that you are using SPF, protect your skin and the investment. There is no point to your skincare if you don't protect with SPF!!! The sun is the number one leading cause of aging

Lets get into the three forms of Vitamin-A!

- Retinol - The least potent verson of Vitamin-A, but still effective. Retinol penetrates the dermis, and it takes the two conversions to turn into retinoic acid on the skin helping speed up the cellular turn over to promote brighter, smooth, and healthy-looking skin. The highest percentage of Retinol that you can get it a 1% but Truth Treatments makes a 5% and oh boy will that make you peel, it super potent and we love that! Remember the higher the percentage the more likely you are to have some redness, irritation, and some flaking of the skin.

- Retinaldehyde or Retinal - has the same benefits as retinol. It is more effective as well since it works at the cellular level and take one conversion to turn into Retinoic acid. Retinal is the most potent Vitamin-A that you can get over the counter. Some sensitive skin types can tolerate this form of vitamin A but there is still the chance that it may cause irritation and redness. 

- Retinoic Acid - is the third and most potent Vitamin-A derivative. Its also known at Tretinoin and is only available through prescription. 

Retinol Benefits.

  • reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • minimize pores
  • smooth and even out texture
  • brighten dull skin
  • regulates oil production 
  • helps fade dark spots 
  • can help plump the skin.


Product recommendations for Retinol :

Alastin SKincare retinol
Alastin Skincare Retinol - comes in two strengths .25% and .5%, gentle and effective. Great for 1st time retinol users and budget friendly!
NeoCutis Retinol
Neocutis Nouvelle+ - this one is a .6% retinol strength and helps brighten skin complexion. 
Sente Retinol
Sente Intensive Bio Complete Cream - hydrating .5% retinol and with sente combining the retinol with their patented GAGs can do wonders for all skin types. 
SkinMedica Retinol
SkinMedical Retinol - come is 3 strengths .25%, .5%, 1.0%. These are also budget friendly and effective. 
JanMarini Retinol
Jan Marini Skincare Age Intervention Retinol Plus - this retinol combines the highest concentration of retinol plus advanced peptides and antioxidants, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated.
Revision Skincare Retinol
Revision Skincare Retinol Complete - comes in a .5% and a 1.0% time released retinol and also has five antioxidants and includes a proprietary blend of botanical extracts that enhance the effects.
Truth Treatment Systems Retinol
Truth Treatment Systems Retinol 5% gel - The most potent retinol that we sell. helps combat everything antiaging and breakouts. 

Retinal or Retinaldehyde :


All by Osmosis MD 

Calm- the most gentle Retinaldehyde 

Clarify- Best for Acne / Blemish prone skin helps regulate oil production and clam irritation on the skin

Correct- one of the most powerful retinal serums packed with collagen stumiulators and antioxidants. Leaves your skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Renew- has the highest potency of Osmosis liposomal retinaldehyde to transform your skin. Great for all skin types


Retinol Alternatives :  

retinol alternatives

Clarity Rx Sleep it off Mask - natural yet effective retinol sleeping mask packed with Amino acids that help cells produce collagen and elastin for brighter more firm skin.

Restorsea Pro Intensive treatment 10X Serum - Created with an alternative exfoliant called, Aquabeautine XL, which revitalizes dull skin without irritating it. 

iS Clinical Active serum - powerful botanical serum leaves the skin moist and smooth. 

**keep in mind that if you are thinking of getting pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding you shouldn't be using a retinol or talk to your doctor about it.

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