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Salmon Egg Skincare? Restorsea’s One-Of-A-Kind Aquatic Exfoliant

Salmon Egg Skincare? Restorsea’s One-Of-A-Kind Aquatic Exfoliant - Harben House


Examining the hands of the East Norway salmon hatchery workers you would never believe that they were beyond their 20’s. Their hands, submerged within the salmon water all day long, did not reflect their true older age since they were receiving day-to-day benefits/exfoliation of the enzyme that would later be exclusively patented by Restorsea and called, Aquabeautine XL. The enzyme from the salmon roe demonstrated that it had the ability to correct uneven skin tone, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity, and not cause damage to healthy skin after extensive use.

Aquabeautine XL - How the Enzyme Works

Enzyme's Natural Process

Ever thought about how fish break out from their egg shells? Unlike chicks that can physically peck their way out, salmon must rely on an enzyme process to release them from their rubber-like egg. Two major phases take place during the salmon roe hatching process after the release of the enzyme, Aquabeautine XL:

  1. A protein is expelled and activated as it attaches to the egg shell. The exfoliant then dissolves the area of the egg shell previously marked by the protein.
  2. Once the egg shell has an opening, the enzyme “turns off” so not to damage the skin of the baby salmon as it escapes from the egg.

The turn-on turn-off mechanism of the enzyme works the same way on human cells. Only dead skin cells are digested by the enzyme and live cells are left intact.

Enzyme For Sensitive Skin

Restorsea is formulated as an exfoliant for those with sensitive, dry and condition skin types. The Aquabeautine XL molecules only digest dead skin cells making it a gentler alternative to retinols and glycolic acid that don't discriminate between living and dead. Also, Aquabeautine XL molecules are larger and are unable to penetrate as deeply as other exfoliants as demonstrated by the below diagram. This can be a good thing as it is not always necessary to hit the dermis as this may cause redness, peeling and irritation by external elements (notice how skincare products formulated with standard exfoliants require a safety label for sun protection?).


Cleanser, Moisturizers, Serums and More

Restorsea and Restorsea PRO have everything you need for your daily and nightly beauty routine, beginning with the Reviving Cleanser all the way to the 24kt Liquid Gold Face Oil with Vibransea Complex. The Restorsea PRO line has a higher percentage of Aquabeautine XL for additional benefits.

Best Seller: Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream ($150.00)


Where to Buy Restorsea?

You can of course find all Restorsea products here at Texas Beauty Company. Also, the Restorsea PRO line can only be sold by licensed physicians, that’s us!

Are animals harmed in the process?

Nope! After the salmon eggs have hatched the baby fish are transferred to a different tank. Once all are transferred, the enzyme is harvested from the water. The finished Restorsea products are never tested on animals.

What skin types can use Restorsea?

All skin types may use Restorsea skincare, but sensitive, rosacea and dry skin will find the most benefit in terms of irritation relief. The exfoliating enzyme only targets dead skin cells and does not penetrate deep to the stratum spinosum and beyond where only newer skin resides.

Is it normal for the serums & cleanser to change color?

It is normal for the serums and cleanser to periodically change colors. The Aquabeautine XL is a living enzyme and responds to temperature fluctuations. Be sure to store your item in room temperature or at a slightly colder temperature.


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