New ground-breaking technology at your fingertips that can be used SAFELY in the comfort of your own home

Author Courtney Broder / Category NEW Products / Published: September 14, 2020

BRAND NEW! A new exciting, home-care tool from one of our innovative skincare lines: OsmosisMD Skincare
The new EPIC Skin Tool by Osmosis BeautyMD is a breakthrough technology combining the known efficacy of mirco-rolling with the safety and convince of a jade roller.
Savvy beauty customers want in-office results, from the comfort of their home. However, traditional at-home devices with this level of efficacy, has been dangerous and unsanitary for many reasons. Now, with this revolutionary device, you can get the in-office results daily and not risk complications like infections or skin tear.
The EPIC Skin Tool provides an opportunity for the patented technology of Osmosis Beauty MD products to further absorb into the skin and delivery better penetration daily! With this tool, you can get pricey serums and treatments to penetrate twice as effectively then using just a serum alone.
    When using any skincare serum, simply use the EPIC Skin Tool by gently rolling the spheres downward on the face. By doing this, it guides the ingredients into a micro channel. The tiny pyramids on the spheres create space for ingredients to plump up the skin. The built in delivery system of Osmosis Beauty MD allows serums to penetrate into the skin up to 15%. When using  EPIC Skin Tool, that penetration rate increases up to 30%, so you get even more results from your skincare.
As with any new skincare product or tool, we recommend you start conservatively using the device only once a day with light pressure. Once you see how the skin acclimates, you can rev up the pressure or frequency of use.
When starting off, light pressure is necessary. The pressure should feel as if it is barely touching the surface as you roll it around the face. At no time there should be pain using EPIC, as that indicates you are applying too much pressure. However, the device does have pointed pyramids which you will feel it as you roll the points over your skin.
To use the Epic roller, you want to do so in a downward motion. EPIC is designed to gently grab the skin which can only happen on most skin if used in downward motion. It will not function correctly if used in an upward motion. When using you will lift the roller off the skin to roll the next zone. Remember the spot where you left off and roll to the next zone. You will use the space between to do a minimal overlap, so you only move it half the width of the roller- about an inch-so that the left roller is hitting the space in between the two rollers from the last pass.
    EPIC Skin Tool is meant to be used after applying skincare serums and treatment products and allow time for these to dry. Wet skin is not ideal because EPIC can slip and scratch the skin if it is too wet. EPIC can be used safely in the face and all body areas. However, you want to use gently on the nose and extremely gently on the eyelids, or skip these areas altogether.

Facial Map for Epic Tool Use
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