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Neocutis BioSerum Firm vs SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum

Neocutis BioSerum Firm vs SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum - Harben House

Breaking Down Growth Factor Serums

September 12, 2020

Which is growth factor serum is better? Neocutis BioSerum FIRM or SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum?

Two of the best-selling, medical-grade, growth factor serums on the market have been redesigned in the last couple years. Lets break down how they are similar, what differentiates one from the other, and which is the best choice

What do these serums have in common...

1. Growth Factor Serums- Each of these have a unique human-derived growth factor component.

SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum has a brand-new growth factor (different than the previous version- TNS Essential Serum) which combines their original growth factor Tissue Nutrient Solution (aka TNS) with another growth factor original found in the now discontinued brand Regenica Skincare. SkinMedica bought out Reginca Skincare a couple years back with this product in mind.

Neocutis’s BioSerum FIRM has their patented PSP (processed skin proteins) growth factor which has been a staple ingredient in the brand for the last decade. PSP was originally manufactured by their parent company- Swiss American- as a treatment for pediatric burns, before they knew its use in cosmetics and anti-aging.

2. "All-in-one" Anti-Aging Serums- Both of these are considered to be an “all-in-one” cosmetic serum. Meaning, not only do they each contain a unique growth factor element, but both serums combine a growth factor with other essential anti-aging ingredients, to make it an all-in-one product. Therefore, when you use one of these serums, little-to-no other products are necessary.

3. Investment Piece- These are pricey products, which will hurt the bank a bit, but worth it because of their unique ingredients and results seen. Both are around the same price. TNS Advanced + serum goes for $295, while the Neocutis BioSerum Firm will cost you $275.

SkinMedica Advanced+ Serum Neocutis Bio-Serum FIRM

What makes these serums different?

The Difference..

Skinmedica TNS Advanced+:
As explained above, this now contains a brand new growth factor complex which is (now) the "clear" part of the dual chamber pump. The second 'anti-aging' chamber is also completely redesigned and more universally tolerated for all skin types (including acne prone). The antiaging chamber now contains Green microalgae, marine extracts, and peptides, and more⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Neocutis BioSerum FIRM:⠀
Neocutis has taken both of their patented antiaging complexes, PSP & MPC which if found in both their best-selling anti-aging serums, BioSerum and MicroSerum and combined them into one product! Therefore, you are getting both the PSP growth factor and their other patented ingredient- MPC (Micro Peptide Complex) -in one bottle! The MicroSerum & BioSerum retailed at $260, and now they combined these two incredible technologies into one formula! Micropeptides help with firming and tightening, which is why the Micro Serum was one of our top selling products. Combine that with the reparative, age-reversing technology of PSP, and you get a serum worth the hype!

Which is better? An Expert Opinion

From our owner, Courtney, when asked which serum is the best?

Well, in short, the jury is still out... I see potential benefits with both. Which is why my plan is to alternate them. Therefore, when I run out of one, I'll swap to the other. That way I can get the benefits of both serums and both skincare technologies. I am currently on my second bottle of the TNSAdvanced Serum in a row, because I wanted to give it a full 2-3 months to see the full results. I could start to see a noticeable difference when I finished my first bottle, but it wasn't until I finished the bottle that I could really start to see a real change. So, I continued on to a 2nd bottle. I have been wowed by the change in my skin during this whole 2-3 week period of using my 2nd bottle of the TNS Advanced Serum! I've heard similar tales from many customers as well. However, most others started to see a difference a bit faster than I did!

However, to be fair, I have much more experience with the Neocutis BioSerum FIRM, I feel more comfortable recommending this one, since I can confidently say it is 100% worth the investment. I'm fairly certain I will feel the same with the NEW TNS, but I would need to use it for a couple more months before I can say it is at the same level as the BioSerum FIRM that I've been using for over a year now!

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either, and both have so many benefits. Both of these serums are backed by years and years of clinical trials proving they are worth your investment!

Written by Courtney Broder & Jenny White

September 2020


Deirdra Williams

Has the product changed for SkinMedica TNS since the Class Action suit was settled? Yes, many things “cause cancer,” but the lawsuit tied it to their growth factors. If anyone is aware, please let me know.

Harben House

Hi Melissa,

The growth factor of the Neocutis BioSerum Firm is listed in the ingredients list as “Cutaneous Lysate”.


Hi there,

Why do i not see the growth factors in the ingredient list for the neocutis serum?


I too am wondering how you now compare the two products.

Sumer Tatum-Clem

Hey, Courtney! I haven’t seen an update on your opinion. Is there one you now prefer? Thanks!

Jennifer Lee

Thank you for posting such a helpful comparison between the two products! I’ve been debating between the two treatments to use in conjunction with my laser resurfacing. I’ve been left with horrible acne scars which I’ve been trying to correct for over 10 years. Would you be able to provide an update please on if you like either the TNS or Bio Serum please? I’m very interested to know. Thank You! Jen


Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information and your experiences with both products. It has definitely assisted me in choosing which one I am going to purchase.

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