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Truth Treatment Systems Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser (4 oz) $45
Truth Treatment Systems Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser (4 oz) $45

Truth Treatment Systems Hyaluronic Honey Cleanser (4 oz)



Highly moisturizing, gentle daily cleansing formula that hydrates and conditions skin while you cleanse.
Ultra-hydrating cleanser made with enzyme-rich Colorado clover honey nourishes skin and is a source of Natural Lactic for skin brightening and anti-aging benefits. Amino acid surfactant provides an  extra mild cleansing effect. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin absorb moisture improving hydration and plumping stratum corneum leaving skin dramatically smooth and soft.   
What it does:
• Effectively cleanses without stripping skin
• Conditions skin with a high does of Colorado clover honey
• Gently brightens with honey’s natural lactic properties
• Cushions skin while cleansing with high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid


Ideal For: Normal to dry skin types, or for use as a resting cleanser.

Size: 4 fl. oz. / 120 mL

How to Use

Massage a small amount of this concentrated cleanser onto damp skin, gently working it into skin to break up and remove surface debris, makeup, and sunscreen. Rinse well with tepid water.


Safflower Oloesomes, Sodium Cocoyl Methyl Taurate, Vegetable Glycerin, Fatty Acid Esters, Citrus Essential Oils, Hyaluronic Acid, Sucrose Stearate, Pure Colorado Clover Honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Too scented / irritating

This cleanser is not for remotely sensitive skin. I would say mine is pretty tough / neutral, but this really irritated me. It had so much fragrance I ended up using it on my body and even then I didn't enjoy it. I would say the texture is nice, but it's pretty slippery in general and you need a lot on each use.

Great happiness!

This cleanser is a great product.
The moment I put it on my face, I feel like I'm in nature.
Surrounded by the juicy scent of natural lemon, it is full of happiness.
This cleanser definitely smoothes the roughness of my face and makes my face one tone brighter.
The expression is rejuvenated and refreshing.
It is my favorite. I recommend it.

Megan K
Super hydrating cleanser (even removes makeup!)

Love this brand. The vitamin c, HA serum and this cleanser do not disappoint! Has a lemon smell that is lovely! It is a cream-like texture that does a great job at hydrating the skin while effectively removing dirt/makeup.

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