SilcSkin Brow Pads



SilcSkin Brow Pads are designed to help with crows feet and the brow area. A must have for that special occasion. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, they contain no allergy causing latex, urethanes, or adhesives.

Electro static energy provided by the pads when worn is supposed to improve the irregular collagen structure and also creates an increased blood flow which results in an improved skin tone. Silicone should contribute to moisturizing the skin by drawing the skin’s moisture to the surface. This process has been shown to hydrate the skin and is an important factor in healing scars. SilcSkin is simply treating wrinkles as scars by hydrating, improving the Collagen structure, and flattening them out. Prolonged use will help return face skin to a more youthful and supple appearance, by softening fine lines and wrinkles.


Ideal For: All skin types

Size: 1 brow pad and 2 multi-area face pads

How to Use

1. Wash your face with a non-oily facial cleanser. Make sure your skin is free of any moisturizers,
sunscreens, etc. Sweating at night may interfere with adhesion. Dry face well.
2. Remove pads from packaging. Remove the storage tray. Peel open Tyvek bag containing the pads.
Remove pads from backing.
3. The pads are self-adhesive. A pad will begin to lose adhesive qualities in approximately 30 days.
Once this happens a new pad should be applied.
4. Apply the pad to the desired area of the face. Using a fingertip, press down on the pad to
smooth out the wrinkles underneath. You can put on the pads when going to bed, or any
time of day. Use for an hour or more at a time.
5. Remove the pads slowly in the morning in an upwards motion. Place on the storage tray, and
put the tray inside the packaging. Insert the tab on the package into the slit to close.
6. Pads should be washed occasionally to remove exfoliated skin cells that may interfere with
the adhesive quality of the pad.
7. Pads should be washed with a soap that is free of moisturizers, emollients or oils. ie. Baby Shampoo.
Allow pads to air dry face up on the storage tray in a clean location. Do not dry with a towel.
Once dry, place face down on tray and return to package.
8. Some edge lifting is normal due to body contours. Do not use on sensitive, irritated, cut, scratched or burned skin. Do not use if there is a known sensitivity to silicone. 


100% medical grade silicone