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A Letter From Harben House's Founder - Courtney Broder

A Letter From Harben House's Founder - Courtney Broder - Harben House


Welcome to Harben House. I sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit our site and read our story. I want to be sure that everyone has a delightful experience while shopping at Harben House. I know shopping for skincare and beauty products online can be tedious, so we strive to ease this process for you. 

Harben House is named after my two beautiful baby boys, Harrison and Benjamin. After an exhaustive attempt to create a clever, unique, and available store name, it made sense to go with a personal brand name. During conception, I kept going back to the essence of what I wanted Harben to be, a global health and beauty destination. I desired not to be tied down to one part of the beauty industry, as I plan to expand into additional areas of health and wellness. So, I kept going back to “Heath and Beauty.” HB just happened to be on the necklace I wear daily that I had personalized for Harrison and Benjamin. “Harben” quickly came to me, and soon after, Harben House was established.

My vision is for Harben House to be a medical aesthetic wellness destination that helps customers choose products that fit their individual needs. Through myself, and our panel of experts, we can design skincare routines and pick products specific to your needs. We strive to take the guess work out of buying beauty products online and make it so that you can buy products that truly work with confidence.

I personally thank you for supporting Harben House. Please know, our door is always open.



Courtney Broder

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