Truth Treatment Systems

Truth Treatment Systems Euphoralight Pro



Truth Treatment Systems EuphoraLight Pro is a rechargeable LED and near-infrared mask intended for cosmetic use. This device delivers two LED and one near-infrared treatment options.

The hands-free, cordless design of the EuphoraLight Pro is ideal for full facial coverage with faces of all shapes and sizes. The EuphoraLight Pro provides adjustable intensities with three LED/near-infrared color options: near-infrared, red, and blue. Designed for use with all Truth Treatment Systems. For an advanced treatment, use with Truth Treatment Systems ElectroLite Facial Mask.

EuphoraLight Pro helps renew skin cells deep in the dermis, promote skin circulation,
stimulate collagen production, and prevent melanin formation.

Near-Infrared Light: Wavelength: 845-855nm. Near-infrared light promotes collagen production, helps to retain skin elasticity and tightens skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Near-infrared light can penetrate human skin more than 15mm deeper than red light.

Red Light: Wavelength: 650-655nm. Red light stimulates collagen protein formation, initiates cell activity and lessens the appearance of wrinkles, making skin ruddy and supple.

Blue Light: Wavelength: 405-410nm. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria and relieves discomfort. For the treatment of mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne.


Ideal for: All skin types

Included: Mask, Charging Port, Remote Control

Remote Control Directions:

1. Auto Mode: Press once for auto mode. Default time is 25 minutes, default brightness is set to ‘low.’ Near infrared light duration: 9 minutes, red light duration: 8 minutes, blue light duration: 8 minutes. Will shut down automatically.
2. Manual Mode: Manual selection among near infrared, red and blue light. Press 'COLOR' once for near infrared red light, twice for red and three times for blue. Intensity and time both can be adjusted.
3. Intensity Control: Three gears of brightness adjustments. Default brightness is set to 'low.' Press 'INTENSITY+' to increase and 'INTENSITY-' to decrease.
4. Timing: The default time for auto mode is 25 minutes, which is not adjustable, while intensity is. The default time for manual mode is 5 minutes. Time can be adjusted by 5 minutes when pushing the 'TIME+' and 'TIME-' buttons. (Note: The longest time for near infrared light is 17 minutes, red is 25 minutes, and blue is 20 minutes.)

Charging and Usage Directions:

1. Connect remote with provided Micro USB cord and connect via AC adapter to power in order to charge.
2. Charge remote fully prior to usage.
3. Plug remote into EuphoraLight Pro with provided Micro USB cord.


  • Do not place the device near flammable items or explosives.
  • Avoid coming into contact with the liquid inside the mask.
  • Do not use device while charging.
  • Do not charge the device for over 24 hours at a time.


  • Avoid looking directly into the light.
  • Do not use if battery is under 20% or it will not finish the function.
  • Do not use product when sleeping.


  • Consult with a physician before use if using antibiotics.
  • Pregnant or lactating women, or those with Epilepsy should not use this device. Do not use if you have a headache.
  • Discontinue use if discomfort occurs.


  • Do not drop the device.
  • Do not clean the device with water, alcohol, or other corrosive items.
  • To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Support headband can be washed.
  • Store the device in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.