Brand Spotlight! Colorescience: The Fusion of Suncare, Skincare + Color

Brand Spotlight! Colorescience: The Fusion of Suncare, Skincare + Color

In celebration of Colorescience’s most recent product re-brand and website relaunch that took place early this fall, we thought we’d take a minute here at Harben House to express our love for the unique qualities of this mineral makeup brand. Colorescience offers a variety of award winning beauty essentials that not only beautify the wearer, but also protects skin from premature aging and sun damage. The company has been gaining traction specifically within the mineral makeup niche and is even becoming more popular within the cosmetic industry as a whole.

Solid Star

Colorescience really took off in 2012 when it merged with SkinMedica- which specializes in scientifically formulated skin rejuvenating products approved by physicians- but was years in the making by founder, Diane Ranger. She is often thought of as one of the originators of mineral makeup, and turned the perception of mineral makeup use mainstream rather than only used at the recommendation of medical professionals. Many SkinMedica business leaders and top scientist took a special interest in Colorescience and split with SkinMedica in order to grow the integrity of the mineral makeup brand.

Mighty Minerals

Though the minerals may be small, they’re pretty darn powerful. What makes Colorescience’s products unique is that they only offer physical sunscreen (rather than chemical sunscreen) to give skin the greatest care and to meet the needs of all individual skin sensitivity. Active ingredients, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, sit on top of the dermis and reflect the heat of sunrays rather than absorb the heat into the skin which can worsen conditions such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation and acne. These active ingredients also possess skin soothing and anti-bacterial qualities that, when formulated with other anti-aging ingredients, truly nourish the skin depending on the wear’s needs.

 Colorescience Little Girl

Inclusive Identity 

Colorescience recognizes that sun protection and skincare is important for any individual regardless of skin tone, age or gender. The company works to formulate tinted sunscreen and anti-aging creams that fit just right. They have four main tones: fair, tan, medium and deep, with many variations in between each color that suite most skin tones.

Their powder mineral makeup is a physical sunscreen that does not irritate the skin making it the perfect way to protect the delicate skin of toddlers and children against sun damage. Since the sunscreen does not penetrate the dermis, it works well with just about all skin types and is easy to quickly sweep across a child’s skin without any mess or white residue streaks.

Even though Colorescience offers makeup within their product line, it is not a brand solely just for women. Men enjoy and are encouraged to use their products because of the skin protecting benefits. The minerals are subtle when matched correctly to the skin tone, and the packaging is predominately a deep blue/green and silver combination that is fairly gender neutral.

Fantastic Feedback

Just about every product offered by Colorescience has been featured in numerous industry-leading magazines, TV shows and events. Colorescience appeals to a variety of consumers and has been spotlighted in magazines from the playful Seventeen Magazine, to high fashion Vogue, to health centric WebMD. One product in particular seems to be the fan favorite, Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50, due to its usability, portability and versatility.

Bonus Fun Fact

Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush-on Sunscreen SPF 50 is “very water resistant” which is the highest rating awarded to sunscreen. A simple trick can be performed to test the purity of a cosmetic product marketed as “mineral makeup”. Just place the powder in a glass of water. The mineral makeup should float on top without being saturated since it does not instantly bind to water molecules. To see how Colorescience fares against this water test check out our video below:

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