About Us


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Welcome to Harben House, where our goal is to help your skin look and feel its best with the best in scientific skincare products. As a family-owned business, we also provide the best in customer service with a personal touch: contact us any time (hello@harbenhouse.com) for recommendations or any questions you have about your skincare regimen.

Authorized Retailer of Scientific Skincare Products

We are a fully authorized retailer for all brands listed on our site, so you can buy with confidence. We never carry counterfeit, diluted, or otherwise substandard products, and we never carry any brands we believe to be unsafe or less beneficial. 

Our curated group of brands comprise the highest quality skincare available, physician backed and supported by clinical research. We are proud to carry their products to help address common conditions like acne, aging, discoloration,with the aim of producing visible results. 

Meet Our Owner, Courtney Broder 

Courtney Broder, a blonde caucasian woman wearing a yellow shirt in front of a palm tree print backgroundCourtney Broder is the owner and founder of Harben House, formerly named Texas Beauty Company. Besides being a business owner, she's a proud mom, to two boys, Harrison and Benjamin, for whom the company is names (HarBen House).
She created our site in 2014 as a destination for patients from the medical spa practice she then owned to easily repurchase products online. Harben House has since grown to become its own thriving business, expanding to share high quality skincare with customers around the world.

Courtney is delighted to have found a way to share her knowledge and passion of scientific skincare with so many. She and the rest of the Harben House team are dedicated to providing the best online experience and resources for anyone wanting to help their skin look and feel its best.