ClarityRx Instant Wrinkle Remedy



Instant Wrinkle Remedy contains a mixture of purified water and a cocktail of salts and natural clays to provide an instant, temporary smoothing and lifting effect for fine lines and wrinkles.


    Ideal for: All skin types

    Size: 0.4 fl oz

    How to Use

    Daily Dose: Shake well. Apply your Daily Dose of Water™ first then your makeup and allow to thoroughly dry. As a last step, apply a small drop of the Instant Wrinkle Remedy™ to the area that you have fine lines and wrinkles and pat into the skin in an upward motion. Allow to dry for 5 minutes. If a white frost appears spritz the Take Your Vitamins™ Hydrating Spray to rehydrate. Use as needed. *We do not make any long term or therapeutic claims on this product. Use small amounts and only occasionally on the skin. Overuse of the clays may make your skin feel a bit dry.


    Purified water, sodium silicate, magnesium aluminum silicate, phenoxyethexyl, ethylhexylglycerin.