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  • SkinMedica vs. Skinbetter Science vs. SkinCeuticals vs. Neocutis. Which Skincare Brand is Best?
  • Post author
    Courtney Broder

SkinMedica vs. Skinbetter Science vs. SkinCeuticals vs. Neocutis. Which Skincare Brand is Best?

SkinMedica vs. Skinbetter Science vs. SkinCeuticals vs. Neocutis. Which Skincare Brand is Best?

“Which is better?!” I get this question often when customers ask between one brand or the other. Purchasing medical-grade skincare is often a pricey investment, takes weeks and sometimes months of consistent use to see true results, and can change your daily appearance and thus your attitude, so picking the best product from the best brand is the #1 goal. Unfortunately, there is not a simple answer to this seemingly simple question. Comparing medical-grade skincare brands against one another isn’t as extreme as the common saying “apples to oranges”, it’s more like comparing green apples to red apples. This is because the brands we offer at Harben House are on a level playing field (i.e. medical-grade, physician-only, anti-aging products), however, there are some distinctly unique components that the consumer should consider between the brands before deciding on the purchase.

Researching the Difference in Skincare Technology

Each skincare brand is built on the idea of a new bio-technology. Patented formulas consisting of cutting-edge ingredient combinations and transportation systems are the very first distantly noticeable quality to consider. Define what ingredient types your skin is needing based on your skin condition and desired outcome. These ingredients can include growth factors, hydration, moisturization, supplementary extracellular matrix molecules, antioxidant extracts, etc. Researching this decision can become very complex, but the skincare band will make apparent what their product formulations strive to achieve for you.

Just to name a few:

SkinMedica: Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (aka human growth factor), TNS® (Tissue Nutrient Solution), etc.

Skinbetter Science: AlphaRet® (time-release, encapsulated retinoid), InterFuse® (hyaluronic formula), b.r.y.t. complex® (hyperpigmentation corrector), etc.

NEOCUTIS: PSP® (Processed Skin Proteins) – human growth factors, cytokines and interleukins. And MPC™ (Micro Protein Complex) – human growth factor with micro-proteins.

The Ethos of the Brand and How it Aligns with Your Values  

We’re getting deep here, people. Knowing the values of any company can influence your purchasing decision, including in this over-the-counter skincare industry. The way in which ingredients are sourced, whether testing on animals occur, the company’s philanthropy endeavors, and possible percentage of sale donations are some factors to consider. If a company’s ethical decisions match your own it may be worth spending a bit extra to acquire their goods.


  • Skinbetter Science does not use animals to test their product’s efficacy.
  • RevitaLash donates $2 of each sale every October to support breast cancer awareness and research.
  • EltaMD provides sunscreen and wound care kits to active and veteran service members that participate in the Wounded Warrior Athlete Initiative.

Glam Boxes for Cancer Patients


RevitaLash® Cosmetics recently partnered with Simply from the Heart to help stuff glam boxes for patients battling cancer.

To mix it up or not to mix it up?

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” True statement, but where’s the fun in that! I encourage those on the fence of a new brand to try it out as there’s many overlapping products from different brands that claim the same results and new skincare technologies are always emerging. Even our top best-sellers, Truth Treatment Systems and Skinbetter Science, only just became became in business within the past 2.5 years - contrasting Obagi's established 30 years.

Choosing new products will keep things interesting and may lead to finding even better products for your skin type but, in the meantime, carrying on with a defined regimen and allowing enough time to experience the results is optimal.

Read the Reviews and Ask for Opinions

Though I’m always asked, “Which brand is best?” I never get tired of this question because it is so depended on the asker’s skin profile and it’s fun to explore the differences once again. Finding an unbiased, knowledgeable opinion will be very helpful in your decision. Also, nothing new here, but reading the reviews from authentic purchasers will prove the positive claims and expose any negatives experienced.

  • Post author
    Courtney Broder

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